To us, your event is the most important event of the year.  Our experienced barbecue chefs and catering personnel can attend to all of your dining needs, so you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests.

All of our barbecue is prepared on-site – nothing is made ahead of time.  We cook our meats Santa Maria style: grilled over hot native red coastal oak, tended with dry rub, then placed on steel rods and lowered over a flaming red oak fire.  We use only the freshest ingredients in this long respected tradition of barbecue to provide a sumptuous, well-rounded buffet (including sides, salads, and beverages), ensuring that nobody goes home hungry.

We also offer a variety of entertainment services to delight guests of all ages, as well as catering equipment and production rentals to facilitate any event.

Great food and fun are essential to the success of any gathering, and at Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties, they go hand-in-hand.